Castle Attack
     Pirate Christmas

Playmobil Movies

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Just another day at the castle. Musicians...



sentry duty.

"What's that!"


The herald took up the call, "To arms!"

From the woods a beast approaches.

A flurry of crossbow bolts angers it.

It swings it's tail and Smash!


The knights on the jousting field turn to charge.

Their horses falter and the beast gains the yard.

Soon tow have fallen.

A lucky blow and a lance enters the beast's mouth.

Not good enough.

A pike to the back causes the beast to look around.

The pike man has lost his footing, "Runaway!"

"My Sword!"

The king secures his family, "Be safe."

The axmen prepare to attack, "Steady men."

With a whirl and a roar the beast rips open the gates...

and charges into the axmen whose bravery is met with death.

The king needs a champion.

A hero arrives and faces the beast.

He delivers the final blow.

Thank you for killing the beast. We will have a feast in your honor

The beast makes for a great feast.